Things to Expect as You Visit a Chiropractor

A chiropractor is a specialist that adjusts your joints and spine to place them into a better position and in the right alignment. However, chiropractic care involves more than just adjusting your spine. This kind of specialist goes to school similarly to what medical doctors do. A chiropractor has specialized training in nutrition, exercise therapy, nervous system disorders, joints, and bone. This specialist is the one who assesses nerve function and how well your large joints and spine move. Similar to other appointments with doctors, the initial visit starts with your physical exam and medical history. Here is the thing you need to anticipate while visiting your chiropractor Birmingham MI: 

Medical History 

Usually, the initial visit lasts for approximately 1 hour. Your chiropractor will be asking you regarding your symptoms and medical history. You need to report to your chiropractor about the following: 

  • Your lifestyle habits—sleep, stress, diet, and exercise 
  • Any use of alcohol or drugs 
  • Any prescriptions you take 
  • All your health issues 
  • Previous injuries 
  • Why you want help form them 

Other chiropractic offices provide “new patient forms,” which could sometimes downloadable from their site. It is better to answer medical inquiries once you are at home since it becomes more time efficient and less stressful compared to the doctor’s office. Also, this will aid you to concentrate on your issues as soon as you meet the chiropractor personally.  

Physical exam 

After you answer your medical history, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam. He/she will be watching the manner you walk, move your joints, and might feel your spine as well. Also, the chiropractor will be testing your range of motion, reflexes, and muscle strength. In other cases, he/she may order a blood pressure check or X-rays.  


There’s a possibility that your chiropractor may begin your treatment during your initial visit. In this case, this is the things that might take place: 

  • You’ll be lying on a particular treatment table for a correction 
  • He/she will treat some parts of your body, commonly the back or neck—and move it to the highest range it could take, 
  • The specialist will be providing you an additional thrust to do some adjustment 
  • You probably could hear popping sounds, similar to a sound produced by cracking your knuckles. 
  • You shouldn’t anticipate feeling pain in the adjusting process.  
  • Your specialist may provide some treatment together with the adjustment, like muscle massage, and ice or heat. 

After treatment 

Before leaving in the chiropractor’s office, he/she may offer you some exercises for you to perform at home. Moreover, they have the training to assist you with your nutrition and diet. Chiropractors don’t prescribe medications. However, you may ask for some advice about diet and they would gladly recommend some vitamins or dietary supplements for you. 

Ultimately, expect to be scheduled for another office visit. The majority of treatments you can have from chiropractors last for many weeks. He/she might suggest for you to be back at least 2-3 times per week and they usually last shorter than the first meeting. It would only last for 10-20 minutes.