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Frequently asked questions

1How do We Get Started
First you need to decide what you want to invest in. Forex, Stocks, Bonds, or Securities. We can handle it all.
2How much do We Need to Invest?
We start at $10,000 minimum for our investment partners. We will gladly handle larger funds, but we have a minimum to ensure we spread your investments in the proper ratios to ensure a return on investment you can be proud of.
3Do you have client limits?
Absolutely we do. For quality assurance each of our Forex brokers will handle a limit of $10,000,000 at a single time, or, a limit of 100 clients.
4Why are your limits so high (Or low)?
Depending who you have dealt with before, you should know two things. One, is once you have too many clients you are unable to handle trades effectively. Two is if you do not deal with enough clients and money, a fund manager severely limits their scope and expertise. You need enough clients to stay sharp, but not too many to be overwhelmed.

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